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FKM Rubber In Automotive Industry

Zibo Bainisi Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

FKM Rubber In Automotive Industry

Because of the excellent performance in heat resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance and high physical and mechanical properties, FKM rubber
s application in the automotive industry continues to expand. More and more automotive parts and seals are made from FKM rubber. In Chinas automotive parts area, crankshaft oil seal front engine, rear crankshaft oil seal, valve steam seals, engine diaphragm, engine cylinder water blocking laps, fuel hose, oil discharge hose, fuel hose, oil filter checker valve, filler cap O-rings, gearbox and gearbox oil seal are mainly use FKM rubber as raw material now. FKM rubber and Heat-resistance Elastomer has replaced traditional materials become the future automotive rubber material trends and mainstream.  


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