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Linear Silicone Fluid Used As Softening Agent, Dyeing And Finishing Auxiliaries.

Zibo Bainisi Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 12, 2018

Market Application:

  1. Used to produce amino silicone oil and 107 silicone oil.

  2. Used as softening agent, dyeing and finishing auxiliaries.

  3. Used as the structure control agent of methyl vinyl silicone rubber, and paper anti-sticking agent.

Linear Silicone Fluid

Appearance of commodity:

Colorless tastrless transparent flowing liquid.

Technical indexes:



Class Standards



Viscosity   (25℃)cp


Content   of hydroxyl (wt%)


Refractive   index (25℃)


Content   wt%



Volatile   matter (150℃, 3h) wt%



Acidity(based   on HCL)%


Package storage and transportation:

In should be packed in dry and clean iron bucket or plastic bucker or according to the requirement of clients. Packing is sealed, and water infiltration is strictly prohibited. It should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated storehouse, and kept away from fire. When conveying, take care of loading and unloading to avoid damages on packages, and separate from rain, moisture, sunshine, acid and

alkali and so on.

Quality guarantee period:

Quality guarantee period of this product is 6 months. Recheck by this standard is required when the product exceeds the time limit. The product can still be used only after the result of recheck is up to  this standard.

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